Roofing Contractors:

“Why Is Your Phone Still Not Ringing – Even After Hiring An SEO Expert?”

If you’ve hired SEO companies in the past and your phone still doesn’t ring very much, download this simple and FREE plan for roofing contractor marketing that will fix your online marketing, guaranteed!

Stories involving contractors who hired someone to help them with online marketing are everywhere – and most of their efforts ended in failure…

One contractor recently sent me a note to say: “My website is a bust. I might as well have thrown my money into the toilet. I did not generate a single lead!”

At the same time I have clients telling me that after hiring me, they’re in the top 3 spots on Google for important, money-making keywords, their phone rings every day with quality leads and they enjoy a great ROI on the work we do together.

But why? Why are some contractors doing so well while so many are gasping for air? I’m sure if I looked at your site, I could figure it out quickly. Chances are there’s a lot about ranking your roofing business website that your SEO expert doesn’t know.

But there is hope:

  • If you’ve tried Google AdWords (pay-per-click ads) and quickly decided it doesn’t work because after dumping a ton of cash on it – your phone didn’t ring…
  • If you’ve seen other contractors getting a ton of business from Google search engines (mostly through SEO), but you found it to be complicated or confusing. Still, you understand that without people finding your business in search engines, your phone isn’t going to be ringing very much…
  • If you’ve spent thousands of marketing dollars on a phone book ad, Valpak ads, billboards, bus benches and the occasional newspaper ad – and your phone still didn’t ring…

There is good news! There is help for you here.

So if what I’m describing sounds like your story or expresses how you’re feeling, let me encourage you to download and read a free report outlining the simple 6 step plan for roofing contractor marketing that makes the phone ring off the hook for my clients.

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It’s an easy, 10-minute read that will give you hope and prove to you that it’s possible to make your phone ring all day, every day and get your roofing business really growing, so you can accomplish your business growth goals.