As My Exclusive Lead Generation Partner In Your City I Will Guarantee You An ROI of AT LEAST $3 For Every Dollar Invested In Our Services

When you’re accepted into my private client program, we’ll work together to develop leads for your business within a week and in just a few months you’ll dominate your local marketplace in Google for the products and services you sell, GUARANTEED!


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With Our Local SEO Services, You’ll Get High Quality Leads and An ROI On Your Marketing Guaranteed!

Here’s the best news:

  • You won’t be forced to learn Internet Marketing to have success with my program
  • We won’t report “fake results” (e.g.: You’re ranked on page 1 of Google for worthless keywords)
  • We won’t work with 2 companies in the same city – You’ll be my exclusive partner in your city


Every small business owner and entrepreneur that I’ve spoken with in the last 5 years has told me that marketing isn’t what it used to be. And if you’ve been in business a while, you probably agree.
Do you remember when a simple yellow page ad and a few small news paper ads would produce pretty much all the customers or clients you needed all year?
Not anymore.

Since the rise of Internet marketing, there’s been dozens of new marketing models that are being shoved down your throat. Websites, SEO, online video, Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc. – all of them breathlessly sold as “essential” to your future success.

With wave after wave of hype filled presentations – business leaders become more and more confused with it all. Each time you say “yes” to one of them, you usually end up losing your time and your money.

When you think about it, what is it you really want? You want qualified leads, right? You want your phone to ring with interested prospects. You know that your sales team can deliver – if only there were more qualified prospects to talk to.

Finally, there’s some good news. I’m Scott A. Dennison and I pioneered a way for an entrepreneurial business leader to outsource their online marketing that works. Our clients get the peace of mind that they can focus on delivering quality products and services, while we focus on making your phone ring.

We lovingly call our program “Marketplace Domination” because those businesses who’ve experienced it, truly dominate their niche in their local market.

But the program is only available to a select few businesses and it’s by application only.

Our Ideal Client Is… A visionary, entrepreneurial business leader who believes that the Internet is the key to helping them get more leads, grow their business and achieve their ultimate outcomes. They want to partner with someone they can trust who understands how Internet marketing really works. The industries we work with most are roofing and remodeling, attorneys, cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons.

Our Private Clients… Enjoy a very detailed done-for-you local SEO services and lead generation program that is designed to be hassle free. Everything is handled for you and we only require a few minutes per month to answer questions about our progress and to jointly track your results. It’s completely customized to your business – the only thing that is the same from project to project is the high quality results you’ll get.

Our Guarantee… Is unlike other companies in our industry. The fact is we stand behind our work with a rock-solid “Or Else” guarantee on the work you hire us to do. When your local search engine optimization, lead generation and marketing program are fully implemented, you’ll generate at least $3 in revenue for every dollar you invest in our services or we’ll work for free until you do. 


Lee Williamson, Dallas TX “I’ve hired local SEO services companies in the past, but wasn’t really getting much for my investment. Now I’m ranked #1 on Google for 21 keywords and I’m getting quality leads every day. The ROI is great and his work has really paid off. ” Lee Williamson – Texas Star Roofing
Lynn Timberlake, Indian Rocks Beach, FL “Scott built our new website and worked with us on getting more reservations and now our beach villas had one of its best years ever – we’ve gotten more than 500 reservation requests!”
Lynn Timberlake – Cay Pointe Villas


Access To My Private Client Program Is By Application Only!

Let’s work together to develop leads for your business and dominate your local marketplace in Google search.