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If your phone isn’t ringing as much as you’d like, you should pay attention to this story…

Because in a fairly large Southern city one of my clients is experiencing what I refer to as “Marketplace Domination”.

Roofing in his community is VERY competitive. And not that long ago his situation was not great.

But, in the last 13 months we’ve worked together, about 200 homeowners completed a form on his website and 700 more have called his offices asking for a roof inspection or estimate. More than 40% of those inquired about completely replacing the roof on their home.

How Many Roofs Would You Sell If You Had 400 Roof Replacement Leads?

Here’s the question: Why does my client dominate his marketplace while others are struggling?

The short answer is, his business website is ranking on page one of Google for 62 keywords, with 13 keywords ranked #1. Some of those ranked #1 are for the biggest search terms in his market.

He’s got massive visibility, gets a lot of visitors to his site and does a good job of converting those visitors into leads.

Until a few years ago, a simple yellow page ad combined with some newspaper ads, was all it took to get your phone to ring steadily all through the year. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not like that anymore. In a recent survey by, 70% of Americans no longer use phone books. The percentage of adults who still read a newspaper has fallen by almost half in the last 15 years. Of those who do, very few (if any) read it for the ads.

Some roofers still advertise in that familiar Valpak envelope; you know… the one that 60% of people throw away without even opening?

But according to the 2015 State of the Roofing Industry webinar, people are looking for roofing contractors online. The bottom line is Google is wiping out virtually every other advertising tactic.

Online marketing seems simple, right? Just add keywords and BAM! And if other SEO’s have tried to sell you that nonsense, run away, fast!

How Many Times Have You Been Promised Page One of Google?

Chances are you’ve even hired an “SEO expert” to get you to page one and he or she failed. Unfortunately, the bar for calling oneself an Internet marketing expert is so low that many people with little to no experience are happily taking business owners money while calling themselves Internet marketing professionals.

When they fail to do the job entrusted to them, they’re really just stealing your hard-earned money.

What’s worse is the big old media companies who’ve started calling themselves Internet marketing experts too. Sales reps for the phone books are now selling digital services including websites, SEO, Pay-per-click advertising and social media.

But in every case where I’ve seen a contractor try this, it was nothing but an expense. They wrote a sizeable check and got a poorly designed website with little to no visibility in search results.

In fact, not long ago I met a guy online who purchased his website from a huge company that’s well known for selling business checks and now offers digital marketing too.

He told me:

“The website is a bust. I might as well have thrown my money into the toilet. I did not generate a single lead.”

Hearing reports like this make me very angry…

You should get what you pay for – experience and expertise

…Someone competent – with proven results
…Someone you feel you know, that you like and can trust
…Someone who will make the whole thing easy for you so you can focus on your craft; on delivering an excellent roof to your customers

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Remember that client I mentioned earlier? When we started working together, you couldn’t find him on Google.
Within about 3 months of us working together, he was ranking on page one for over 60 keywords and his phone was ringing off the hook.

The Best Part?

I only offer my roofing contractor marketing services to one business in each market. That means that as long as we work together my clients have exclusive rights in their market. I won’t work with any competitors. Period.

So Are You Ready to Get as Much New Business as You Can Handle?

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  • If you’ve dumped A TON OF CASH on Google AdWords (pay-per-click ads) and quickly decided it DOESN’T WORK…
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