2-Day Consultation At Your Offices


In our two-day consultation package, I’ll travel to your city/town and work with you and your team to help you accomplish your Internet lead generation goals.



If you’ve been trying to get your strategy in place that allows you to rank well in search engines and generate leads from the Internet, then I can help you.

My background as a small business analyst and Internet consultant provides me with the essential tools to discover the reasons your current strategy isn’t producing the results you need.

I’ll travel to your city/town and spend two days with you and your team to help you accomplish your Internet lead generation goals.

The first day I’ll review with you everything you’re doing now. Your site, the advertising you’re doing, where you’re ranked now and for what keywords are you ranked. We’ll talk in depth about your goals and what accomplishing those goals means to you and your business.

On day two, I’ll lay out a series of recommendations to position you to reach your goals both quickly and easily. This will include personalized keyword research to determine the most important keywords for you and a plan to help you rank for those terms at or near the top of Google.

We’ll look closely at how much traffic your site gets now and how well your pages convert visitors to leads. Then I’ll show you exactly how to fix things so that your site converts more of those visits into prospects, leads, and sales.

Should you want expert help to implement the recommended changes we can work together to implement them and turn what’s often been an expense into a profit center.


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