More Small Business Advice: Can Having A Marketing Plan Lead To More Sex?

Alrighty, last week we were discussing the things that can go wrong when you don’t have a marketing plan. If, for any reason you missed it, that straight forward bit of small business advice is here.

Today, I want to look at the other side of the coin and show you the most important benefits when your business operates with a marketing plan.

Probably the biggest benefit and the one that most businesses don’t think about is your ability to get what you really want from operating your business.

And what is that Mr Marketing Geek?

Whether you know it or not, there are 5 things, that if pressed, people REALLY want…

1. More sex.

2. More money.

3. More status.

4. An easier life and fewer hassles

5. To have their itches scratched.

This is why they start a business. This is why they take the risks of said business. This is why they get up early and stay late, for a chance to increase their chances to have these things.

So is it possible that, if you’re one of the many businesses who operate day after day, year after year without a marketing plan, you end up with less of these benefits?

I’m sure if I could prove to you that by writing a marketing plan, you’d end up having more and better sex, you’d drop everything and get right to the work of writing one today, fair statement?

How about more money? A better seat at the charity event? The list goes on…

Then let me do my best to prove to you that this is true. If you were reading the writings of a marketing professor, with all sorts of academic degrees, instead of THE Marketing Geek they could tell you that with a marketing plan you’d know:

A) Who your customer is

B) Why they buy

C) How they buy

D) Their buying cycles

E) Their lifetime value

And a whole host of other things. Strangely enough I’d tell you the same things. However, the prof is not likely to tell you that by knowing these things you’d get more sex and have more money…

You see, when you know who your ideal customer is, you spend a lot less time chasing after customers who when you catch them, give you a sour stomach.

In a fit of forgetfulness I took a customer recently who was less than ideal, and to make matters worse, the project was at a low margin to boot.

A dozen or so hours into our work, Miss Micro Manager was complaining about everything we tried to do to position her for the success she claimed to want.

After dropping her like a hot rock, we discovered that one of the things she really wanted was to reduce her budget even more and was going to extremes to cancel her agreement with us to hire her friend who would work for less than we would.

The point is that when you’re clear on who your customer is, how they buy and especially how much they’re worth to your business, you can set up a program that runs on auto pilot to attract them.

When you do that, you automatically have accomplished #4 above (the easier life). Once the program matures a bit, then you have more money and that leads to more status, etc, etc.

Some of us have an itch that’s been difficult to scratch and when you’re operating with a plan you just might be able to pull it off. One of mine is to own a 56′ or greater Viking Yacht and spend several months hanging out in the Caribbean each year.

Would anyone want to debate that with enough money, you’d be unable to have such a life? I doubt it. You see, there are people who live such a life. Which proves that IT IS possible. And if you took someone special with you into that life, do you think you’d accomplish #1 on the list above?

If its possible for anyone, its possible for YOU. (And me, too)

So, get yourself ready. My program called “Marketing Plan Profits” can set you up for massive successGet details on it here

Image courtesy of: Search Engine People Blog