Are You Ready To Enjoy Marketplace Domination Status?
To Be The 800LB Gorilla In Your Industry?

800 lb gorillaExcellent. You’re in the right place. You see, this isn’t some “I’ll get you on Page 1 of Google” program. This is about positioning your business at #1 in Google search results. It’s about getting even more leads from the proper use of Google AdWords too.

It’s about knowing so much about your competitors and who is sitting right now at #1 for the keywords that drive all the revenue in your industry, and then beating your competitors at their own game.

You see, virtually everyone who’s ever hired me has tried that other program. They responded to an email from someone, somewhere. They spent their money and got little to no results in return.

Recently someone just like you sent me a note describing their current online marketing situation. They said: “the website is a bust. I might as well have thrown my money into the toilet. I did not generate a single lead…

If you think you might be ready for something more, something better – then continue reading.

I offer an area exclusive, private client (aka: “Marketplace Domination”)program that works. When I say “area exclusive” I mean that it will be you and me working together to dominate your niche market in your area. I will not work with another client in your niche in your area while we’re working together.

Our private clients enjoy a very detailed done for you marketing program that is designed to be hassle free. Everything is handled for you and we only require a very small amount of your time; no more than a few minutes per month to answer questions about our progress and to jointly track your results.

It’s completely customized to your business – the only thing that is the same from project to project is the high quality results you’ll get.

Here’s just a few of the things that are included in the program:done for you marketing program overview

  • Niche & Ideal Client Identification
  • Unique Selling Proposition Development
  • Keyword Research / Selection
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Content Development
  • On-page Optimization
  • Clear Calls to Action Written
  • Professional Backlink Development
  • AdWords Landing Pages Built

When all these elements are completed and in place we’ll begin driving traffic to your site and landing pages and generating leads for your teams to sell. In short, we’ll make your phone ring. And ring. And ring.

If, in explaining the program I used jargon or buzzwords that you don’t fully understand, I apologize. I’m “The Marketing Geek” after all, but I do have some great news for you. YOU DO NOT have to learn or even completely understand how Internet marketing works for you to have massive success with this program.

If you want to know what time it is, I’m not going to tell you how to make a watch – and if you ask me how this program works, the best answer a lot of times is for me to say “It works really well!” and leave it at that.  The fact is that this program is the only one I know of that offers the kind of guarantees we do.

The bottom line is this – once your marketing program is fully implemented we guarantee you an ROI of $3 for every dollar you invest in our services. If we fail to deliver, we’ll continue working for free until we reach the ROI guarantee.

Are you ready to get information, specific to your business so you know if this is a fit for you or not? Great!

Your first step is to join my “done-for-you” email list so that I can send you all the details on my Marketplace Domination program. This does not obligate you to enroll or invest in the program either. All this is for is so I can send you the info you need to make the right decision for your business. Along the way, if you have questions, we’ll schedule time to talk by phone, too.

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