Roofing Contractor Profits From Online Lead Generation

The Situation:

A roofing contractor who reads my blog regularly contacted me to analyze his site and offer some advice. He had read a post I’d written about bad SEO providers and how they scam business owners into hiring them. Our conversation revealed that his desire for better roofing contractor marketing, he’d hired SEO companies in the past that failed to provide a return on his investment.

I agreed to review his site and give him an honest analysis of where he stood with his optimization and rankings. So with my marketing geek glasses on I went looking into the code, on-page optimization and authority links as they currently existed. Some key observations were:

  1. On-page optimization was done by someone who didn’t know how to do it – there was a “common” meta description used on every page and title tags were not based on keywords. The net result of that was that any pages that were ranking were doing so in spite of the level of optimization in place
  2. Images were not compressed and as a result of this and a few other things the site was terribly slow
  3. Calls to action were weak to non-existent, and when you don’t tell a site visitor how you want them to respond they simply won’t respond at all
  4. Google Analytics was never installed so no one was monitoring traffic and conversion rates
  5. There were no authority sites linked to this contractor’s site and the link profile was a mess (see image below)

texasstar-anchortext-092013The company chose to retain us to implement our roofing contractor marketing in an SEO focused effort on lead generation. We accepted the project and began making significant changes to those things that were hindering his results.

Roofing Contractor Marketing Action Plan

With some simple tweaks, image compression tools in place and a caching plugin installed, his “Page Speed” grades went from low “D” to high “B” scores. Google gives preference to faster sites because generally a faster site offers a better user experience.


  • We developed a free report to help people choose the right roofing contractor and developed a landing page to facilitate the lead generation process.
  • We did a complete overhaul of the on-page optimization with every page optimized around a specific keyword that the company wanted to be found for.
  • We aligned the language used to move prospects into action with buyer language by changing “Free Estimate” to “Free Roofing Inspection”. The client knows that ‘estimate’ is associated with a decision to proceed where ‘inspection’ implies that we’re both interested in finding out if you have a problem that requires a solution or not. This works in conjunction with the company’s plan to build relationships with their market and be known as a trusted provider who will advise you on the best decision, not just show up and pressure you to buy from them.
  • All name, address, phone information (NAP) has been corrected and business citations are being built to further solidify the company’s position in the markets it serves.
  • A small area of duplicate content was identified and fixed, steering the company away from penalties that are assessed by Google’s Panda updates.
  • A half dozen other smaller changes and tweaks are being implemented that will further improve the site’s rankings.

The Results

A quick comparison of the site’s ranking shows this roofing contractor beginning to dominate search results for his most critical keywords. As of June 3rd 2015, his company now has:

marketplace domination program


That is a total of 101 keywords currently on Page 1 of Google and Bing search results, with 31 of these at the prized #1 position and 54 listed in the most visible top 3 positions. (Note – Yahoo and Bing share the same results)

Now take a look at the same report from January 2014. You’ll see that there is massive progress in keyword ranking for this site. From ZERO keywords ranked at #1 to 25 keywords ranked there. From 10 keywords ranked on page one of Google and Bing to 89 keywords ranked on the first page of search results.

roofing contractor marketing case study

But if you recall, the client’s goal is to generate leads. We’re 18 months into his marketing campaign and they are seeing significant results:


This client has achieved marketplace domination305 lead generation forms have been submitted (90 were submitted between 11/13-5/14 and pre-date this report) with 125 of them inquiring about completely re-roofing their home (41%). Additionally phone calls to their main phone number that reference Google as their source are running an average of  6x higher than any other form of marketing they’re doing.

Their office manager has estimated that in addition to the online forms they’ve received, they’ve also gotten over 1200 phone calls with about 700 of them saying they’d found the company on Google.

What Would Your Business Be Like With Over 600 New Roof Replacement Leads? How Many Roofs Would You Sell?

These leads are exclusive to him, not like those lead generation sites like Service Master who sends one lead out to 8-10 contractors to let you all fight over the prospect.

Here’s the Important Part:  Without revealing sensitive information about a client’s business – the return on investment my client gets on his SEO Lead Generation services is at least $30 in revenue for every dollar he spends.

If you would like to finally move past the wasted money and time that comes from accepting marketing strategies for your roofing company from SEO firms that don’t get the job done – let’s talk about your business, your goals and how we might be able to help you – reach out to me here and let’s talk about your business, your goals and how we might be able to help you.